A work experience day in trading with Maven

Dami is an aspiring investment banker studying Maths, Chemistry and Economics – she was chosen from over 150 applicants to attend Maven’s trading work experience day due to her clear interest in the industry and well-written motivation statement.

In this article, Dami shares her experience of the day and gives some advice for other students also interested in a career in trading and investment.



Dami is a co-leader of her school’s Economics Society and held the position of Financial Director in the Young Enterprise Programme in Year 12


Tell us about your work experience day with Maven

To prepare for this event I researched Maven’s history, their About Us page and their core values which helped me understand their ethos and vision for the future. In conjunction, I carried out further research into the future of trading because this was a topic I was particularly interested in asking the speakers about and wanted to ensure that I had prior knowledge to fuel the conversations with the professionals.

I had seven detailed questions prepared because I wanted to make the most out of the networking sessions.

I found the event very interactive as we were able to ask our questions throughout the whole day. Specifically, when we were in breakout rooms it provided us each the chance to have conversations with each other and with the professionals.


The specially selected Uptree students at the start of the event – Dami is in the 3rd row, second from right


We were able to gain more exposure into the trading industry and the different routes available to becoming a trader. It gave clarity to us students and as a whole the event was extremely educational and motivational.

What I found surprising about the company is that they were founded only 10 years ago and have expanded into 4 continents establishing a well known name in the trading market.

One speaker that particularly stood out to me was Mr Bowen Wang who is an Options Trader. Alongside his compelling and funny career story, he advised us to delve into the world of coding and to potentially take an online course as a starter to gain initial understanding.


Dami (top) listening to Mr Wang (bottom) discussing the Trader Challenge which attendees took part in


I really enjoyed our discussion on how Artificial intelligence is getting integrated into everything we do, especially in the finance industry. Mr Wang also talked about quantum computing and how he believes that it will be something vital in the upcoming years and something to look out for.


Do you have any advice for students who are following a similar career path to you?

My advice to students who are interested in this industry is to try and attend as many insight evenings and work-experiences as possible.

Industry knowledge is power.

I listen to the Financial Times podcast and The LSE iQ podcast, and enjoy reading the Economist regularly.

The more information that you have at your disposal, the more you will be able to pick the right route and also have the chance to network with professionals and like-minded students at days like these.

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