Catching up with our NY intern

Settling into Maven life My name is Alejandra Freyre and I worked as an Equity Capital Markets intern for the New York office. Going through the interview process, I was immediately excited by Maven’s dynamic approach, both as a market maker and trading firm. I was excited but nervous to start, but from day one, […]

FPGAs in Trading

What is an FPGA? A Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA, is a type of integrated circuit (IC) that contains an array of Configurable Logic Blocks (CLB) connected via a configurable interconnect. The CLBs can be configured to implement custom combinational and sequential digital circuits in a similar fashion as an ASIC, but with the […]

Maven on C++23

Introduction At Maven we are always excited to adopt a new version of C++. Each revision brings new features and improvements which make our lives as engineers easier and our code more expressive. Although C++23 is a smaller update than 20, partially due to the pandemic, there’s still plenty of new features to unwrap and […]

A Mavenites Journey

I joined Maven 4 years ago as a Business Development Analyst. Having previously worked on the sell-side in a client-facing role, I was excited to jump to the buy-side and gain a different perspective. The role was diverse and demanding. I was working with new business growth initiatives, such as new trading strategies or products, […]

Machine Learning in Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading systems are sets of rules that automate the investment process. By trading systematically, algorithmic traders enjoy several advantages over traditional investors. It is often easier to predict the future performance of a systematic strategy than a heuristic strategy because the rules underlying a systematic strategy are well-defined, static in time and (ideally) sheltered […]

March Chronicle

Most of our discussions with counterparts over the last few weeks covered the vast, changing nature of opportunities presented in the market. The backdrop to this has been the geopolitical turbulence adding fuel to the fire of existing inflationary concerns. This helped propel the increasingly hawkish central bank rhetoric and the impact on corporates, sovereigns […]

Why Maven is the right pick

A distinctive mix of talented people and trading styles The landscape of trading firms; some are large and well established. I used to work for two of them where most processes are running smoothly, and trading strategies typically prove their edge. However, on the flip side, it turns out to be hard to make a […]

International Women’s Day: Women in Finance

I couldn’t decide between economics and maths when I applied to university. Instead, I did both at Warwick’s MMORSE course (maths, operational research, statistics and economics), then ended up with a degree issued by neither the maths nor economics department, but in statistics. Like many, if not most, freshman students, I didn’t know what I […]

Revisiting Interview Questions At Maven

We previously looked into an interview question at Maven, demonstrating one solution using template metaprogramming to return the unique elements in a compile-time vector. This relied on moving control flow to compile-time by utilising recursive templates for looping and partial specialisation for selection. This reflects a form of template meta-programming usable in C++03. But with […]

Many Clients, One Context – Share Without Sharing

At Maven we need low-latency. We need to react to the changing market quickly so that when interesting things happen – and they do – we can make split-second decisions to make a profit or to save ourselves from loss. We use C++ to achieve this, among other tools. It gives us what we need: […]