Covid 19 Health & Safety Statement

The Safety and wellbeing of our employees, partners, and visitors during these uncertain times is our main concern. Maven Securities acknowledge that we all have a vital role to play to control the spread of COVID 19 by taking sensible actions .

As the outbreak continues to evolve, our Senior Management and Health & Safety teams are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to communicate important changes to all employees as the business adapts.

We have taken effective and reasonable steps to ensure that business changes are in line with Government guidelines and are put in place to reduce the risk of exposure and ensuring your safety at all times.

Some of the precautions taken are, but not limited to:

  • A complete COVID 19 Risk Assessment highlighting control measures for remote and flexible working, access & egress, use of tea point & toilet facilities
  • Flexible start times / remote working to assist with social distancing / avoiding rush hour where possible
  • Effective social distancing measures including a one-way system, 2meter floor signage and wait zones for washrooms / tea points
  • Pre-packaged lunches to avoid cross contamination
  • Reminder signage for hand sanitising, cleaning of desks and meeting room keyboards.
  • Anti-bacterial stations, increased hand soap, paper towels.
  • PPE – Masks are available should employees choose to wear them (as per Government guidelines this is not mandatory for an office space)
  • Limited numbers within welfare areas
  • Increased cleaning regime especially on high touch point areas like door handles, fridges etc.
  • Limiting visitors and providing separate meeting rooms for visitors when necessary.
  • Wellness room / area should an employee become ill at work and steps required to protect colleagues.

Maven Securities has advised all employees that they should not return to the office if they feel unwell / symptomatic.

We would very much appreciate your support to help us keep our office a safe and secure place to work and we will continue to update you in line with government changes.

Many thanks,

Ivan Koedjikov