Institutional Trading

Direct access to liquidity. Fast, competitive, transparent pricing.

Maven now provides liquidity direct to counterparties, offering access to our competitively priced products via our ultra fast and reliable trading systems.

All without commission.

Since inception, Maven has focussed on improving markets; custom building new trading technology to ensure fast, efficient and transparent market access. Competitive pricing has been the cornerstone of our growth and we’re proud to have attained top rankings in European equity index and Fixed Income options. Maven continues to focus on expanding in new markets, with over 300 staff across 5 global locations.

Our ability to warehouse risk ensures that we can price in the size that you need and through volatile market conditions.

Our experienced team are happy to discuss your requirements, please contact us at :


From our London and Amsterdam offices, we provide liquidity on European Index and Fixed income options. With market share of over 15% in Euro Stoxx and up to 30% in the peripheral indices (AEX, DAX, FTSE, CAC, MIB) combined with market shares of over 20% in Fixed Income options (Bund, Bobl, Schatz, Euribor, Sterling) we can provide competitive pricing across asset classes.


From our offices in Hong Kong and Sydney, we provide liquidity on HSI and HSCEI options. Utilising Maven’s tech, our trading experience and ability to warehouse risk, we are able to provide competitive pricing to the market.

Active Platforms

  • BBG Rfqe/EMSX
  • Tradeweb
  • Eurex Enlight
  • Fenics Go

Maven commits to consistent and competitive prices, free of commission in the following products:

Equity Index

EuroStoxx 50