Our Values

We aspire to be a leading proprietary trading business; committed to realising the full potential of our people.

Work at Maven


Integrity & Fairness

Discipline & Accountability


Achieving Potential Individually & Collectively

Market Leader In Everything We Do


Guiding Principles

  • Provide a workplace environment where our people can succeed
    We want our people to achieve all their professional ambitions and change their lives for the better. A successful colleague will be happy, enriched and know they are somewhere they can believe in themselves and their dreams.
  • Ownership is the foundation upon which to build something special
    We offer true ownership; allow people to run their own endeavours within the company; give authority, accountability and reward.
  • Our sustainability is rooted in our foresight and commitment to do what is right
    We have a vision and long term profit objectives. We want to be around for a long time, always building strength for the future. We accept short term disruption to achieve our long term goals.
  • Dare to explore, challenge and act decisively
    We encourage anti-consensus thinking; we listen to people but don’t follow them; when we understand why a consensus view is likely to be wrong we act aggressively against it.
  • Move forward together and achieve our objectives as a team through respect, trust and shared knowledge
    We are a company of specialists with synergies, information and expertise sharing gives us our edge.
  • Take considered decisions and calculated risks
    We don’t gamble and take uninformed bets; we identify where we have edge and capitalise decisively on that edge through risk-taking that is nimble, aggressive and commensurate with the defined risk/reward profile.