Experienced Hires


“As innovators, we leverage the latest technology to enrich our employees’ capabilities”

We understand our greatest investment is our people, that is why working here is such an enriching and empowering experience. From the moment you join us we work hard to understand what you need to be successful, and together we will build an environment which will both challenge and inspire you, whilst remaining adaptable to your evolving interests.

Maven is a great place to advance personally & professionally, offering outstanding in-house technical trainers, professional certification support and a collaborative environment that fosters knowledge exchange.



Our trading teams execute fundamental, systematic and market making strategies globally. By combining industry-leading experience, advanced research capabilities and powerful pricing engines, we are able to generate outstanding returns on equity.

Trading Open Positions
Business Operations

To effectively support our continued expansion across multiple sites and jurisdictions, Maven's Business Operations teams provide industry leading guidance, structure and control.

Our Tax, Finance, Operations, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Project Governance and People functions are all critical in ensuring that we remain nimble, that we can succeed at scale, and capitalise on new and exciting opportunities.

Business Operations Open Positions

Our highly skilled teams of C++ / Python / C# / FPGA developers and Trading System Engineers are responsible for our in-house applications, ranging from the world’s lowest latency execution systems through web-based user interfaces, to tools that interrogate multi-terabyte data sets.

We maintain the highest engineering standards and a modern code base; building for scale, efficiency and performance.

Technology Open Positions
What to expect when you apply?

We're always excited to receive high quality applications from great candidates who share our values; and we want you to have all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Our three-stage process is both thorough and transparent, and is designed to help us really get to know each other.

Stage 1 - Screening and Introductions
Stage 2 - Technical Assessments
Stage 3 - Personality and Potential

Screening and Introductions

We start things off by getting to know you. This typically involves a chat with one of our dedicated hiring team, where we'll discuss our company, the role you're interested in, and your ambitions.

At this stage, we’re aiming to gain a basic understanding of your experience and what motivates you. It's an important step in the process to ensure a good fit between you and our team.

Technical Assessments

The technical assessments we conduct vary in type and number depending on the role you are applying for. We have a preference for practical assessments, which often take the form of online tests. However, we also incorporate case studies and panel interviews into our assessment process.

Portfolio Managers and Trading roles: detailed discussions about strategies and track records.

Technology roles: typically online coding tasks or pair programming sessions.

Business Operations roles: typically numerical and verbal assessments, as well as case studies.

For all of these roles, we also conduct one-to-one interviews which thoroughly examine your skills, abilities and technical competencies.

Personality and Potential

The earlier stages give us a good insight into your capabilities, and now, it's time to meet with our senior managers. This is a key step and ensures our visions and ambitions align with yours.

The final part of the process is to meet with our Talent Acquisition team, we want you to have all the information you need, to be confident and well-informed about joining us.


Do I need a cover letter?
It’s not required but we do like to read them when people take the trouble to submit one alongside their CV. They can be especially helpful when your experience doesn’t directly relate to the role, helping us understand your attributes and motivations.
When will I hear back?

Ideally within 3 weeks of application, please feel free to contact us if you have not heard by then.

Do your roles have deadlines?
No, we do not normally have deadlines for our roles unless stated in the job description.
Can I apply for multiple roles?
Yes, and if we think you may be suitable for another role that you have not applied for, we may contact you to suggest it.
What to wear?

There’s no dress code at Maven! We’re more interested in you and your abilities than what you wear, this also applies to interview attire.

I interviewed and never heard back?

We try to get back to everyone who has met or interacted with us in a timely fashion. If you are still waiting to receive feedback, please drop us an email to recruitment@mavensecurities.com and we’ll get back to you shortly. Unfortunately we do not give feedback on applications that have not been selected for assessment stages.