Multi-Strategy Discretionary

Unleashing Performance

Bringing together specialist global investors to create a truly diversified platform; delivering absolute returns across all market regimes for our shareholders.


Maven’s Multi-Strategy Group deploys capital to a wide range of investment and arbitrage strategies, managed by a global team of specialist portfolio managers and analysts.

As a market-neutral investment vehicle with a mature capital allocation process, our balanced exposures drive returns in all market conditions.

To ensure an alignment of interests, our risk takers are invited to invest in Maven where they have been able to participate in the continued success of the company.

By exclusively investing our own capital, we preserve control, stability and strategic direction.

Our highly collaborative investment teams are committed to exploiting synergies, maximising opportunities, and working together to unleash their full personal and professional potential.

Investment Strategies


Maven’s Edge

Exclusively manage our own capital
Non-traditional strategies with synergistic value
Entrepreneurial culture, enabling sophisticated research, development and investment styles
Encourage information sharing and collaboration to maximise opportunities
Seek sustainable alpha, with long term prospects


Through significant investment in proprietary technology, our platform enables Portfolio Managers to operate within a centrally-driven risk-management and operational framework. Our platform retains the flexibility to accommodate a broad array of strategy-specific requirements.


We strive to go deep and be the best at what we do

Capital should be invested decisively when we believe we have true edge

Poor trades should be translated into future equity

Build a sustainable business for the long-term