Catching up with our NY intern

Settling into Maven life

My name is Alejandra Freyre and I worked as an Equity Capital Markets intern for the New York office. Going through the interview process, I was immediately excited by Maven’s dynamic approach, both as a market maker and trading firm. I was excited but nervous to start, but from day one, I was immediately treated like a member of the team. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s welcoming attitude and willingness to speak with me about their personal experience at Maven.

The ECM team was extremely supportive, including me in live deals and encouraging me to contribute my thoughts and ask questions in investor meetings. I quickly began to understand and utilize key financial concepts and terminology, mainly learning through practical work. I learned how to conduct research on both private and public companies and use my findings to complete company analysis and valuation. I have become confident using the Bloomberg terminal and Excel to retrieve data and create financial models.

I am extremely grateful to Maven’s commitment to mentorship, as everyone, especially my manager Amy, patiently reviewed concepts with me, answered questions, and gave me feedback on my work, all of which contributed to my personal and professional development.  I feel confident using the resources I have gained experience with as well as the analysis and valuation skills I have developed to prepare and present an independent stock pitch to the team to conclude my internship.

Highlights of the internship

One of my favorite aspects of the internship was the opportunity to attend investor conferences. I was able to sit in on 1-on-1 meetings with private companies in various sectors, and develop and ask questions about their business model and financial profile. This unique opportunity has given me tremendous insight into the process of IPOing, and how shares are assigned to investors. I also was eager to hear from employees in the other offices around the world, including Chicago, Amsterdam, and London, about topics ranging from pit trading to quant. Maven’s global presence, while maintaining a commitment to each individual, is one of my favorite aspects of the company.

Lastly, I was able to attend teach-ins with other Wall Street interns at the Barclays, Bloomberg, and Bank of America offices to name a few. We were able to learn about topics ranging from options trading to equity research. Above all, I valued Maven’s commitment to integrity. Navigating the complexity of equity markets requires a dedication to ethical conduct, something that the firm constantly emphasizes.


I have felt a tremendous amount of growth throughout my time here, and I am deeply grateful for the incredible kindness and willingness to help that I have received from everyone I have interacted with. The skills, knowledge, and values I’ve gained here at Maven Securities will undoubtedly serve as a sturdy foundation for my future professional endeavors.

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