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Maven Securities Ltd

As innovators, we leverage the latest technology to enrich our employees’ capabilities

Opening Minds and Markets

Maven is a leading market maker and proprietary trading firm. Unified ambition, meticulous risk management and a focus on advanced technology enable us to rapidly succeed in a highly competitive industry.

About Us

Stay humble, be bold and strive for success

Our beliefs translate into authentic values that are the foundations for creative thought and innovation whilst encouraging fair and orderly market participation. They are the cornerstone of how we aspire to be, and what we look for in future Mavenites.

Our Values

Never stop exploring your potential

It’s not an easy task becoming a Mavenite but once here we work with you to understand what success means to you, providing you with the opportunity to fulfil your potential. We offer ownership early on; you’ll have the chance to effect genuine change from day one.

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