Our core values

Integrity & Fairness

We firmly believe that our success rests on the integrity and professional qualities of all our people, irrespective of commercial pressures. Integrity and fairness, at the individual level and the corporate level, is critical for our long-term success.

Market Leader in Everything We Do

We involve ourselves only in activities where we have realistic aspirations to be market leading at some level. 


In an industry that is rapidly changing, innovation and openness to fresh ideas are essential to maintaining the competitiveness of the business and also to enable us to seize new opportunities.

Individual & Collective Success

Starting with exceptional individuals, we provide a supportive and entrepreneurial environment to enable the achievement of individual goals. We believe this, in turn, leads to the broader group reaching its potential, enabling the business to thrive.

Discipline & Accountability

We encourage a transparent environment where individuals take accountability for their roles in the business and we look to ensure capital and resource allocations are justified across the firm.