I am fortunate to have been a part of Maven since the beginning, when it was just a thought between colleagues and friends. Together, we knew that we could build a rewarding, inclusive and dynamic environment where people thrive and are encouraged to be innovative with technical solutions.

In my experience, creativity and new initiatives are welcomed and respectfully debated. Growth opportunities go hand in hand with seemingly impossible but exciting problems for technologists to solve. We are inspired to use our understanding of technology, whilst factoring in business limitations and potential consequences.

Despite Maven’s phenomenal growth, I’m pleased that the founding philosophies of providing a collaborative entrepreneurial platform are still nurtured. We constantly work at maintaining open communication between trading, operations, technology and development, whilst trusting one another to perform our respective roles.

Maven operates in a demanding, yet highly rewarding industry. Many employees across the firm have young families and, as a hands-on father of two preschoolers, I am proud that the organisation supports the most important aspect of my life.

Those who thrive at Maven enjoy access to exciting technology, and are driven when tasked with breaking boundaries (we also have fun making money!).

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